SIP Print Introduces Newest Version of Call Recording Solution, SP 2.0

By Rachel Ramsey, Call Recording World Web Editor

Almost one year ago, SIP Print chief software developer, Dennis Drew became the company’s current CTO. Along with CEO Don Palmer, Drew worked on SIP Print’s latest strategy to upgrade its software to include a suite of new features that would enhance its call recording platform as well as position the product to the enterprise and carrier marketplace. The strategy has not only been extremely successful, but Palmer and Drew have opened the doors for the enterprise and carrier market to partner with SIP Print on many fronts, including an OEM/White Label program.
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Drew and Palmer’s hard work is paying off, as SIP Print unveiled the newest version of its call recording and voice management suite, SP 2.0, which features a rich, sleek-looking GUI, multiple personalized templates to choose from for searching calls, enhanced customized filtering capabilities, detailed caller information, enhanced backup capabilities, hardware enhancements and much more.

SIP Print set out to make its call recording product more feature-rich and provide users with an even more personalized experience. Many of these news enhancements were requests from its customer base and in response to the market place, which is increasingly requesting more integrated solutions that are related to call recording, like custom filtering and easier GUI maneuvering.

“SIP Print customers will now have the ability to enhance the user experience, provide even more customized solutions to different client needs — which in turn will assist the client with even more revenue streamlining of their business flow — and above all, integrate other solutions, solving even more applications and retaining their customer base even longer,” Palmer said.

The new interface makes it easy to search for calls based on customized criteria, such as certain dates, time, caller IDs, policy numbers and other template options. The custom filtering feature will be especially helpful for users trying to obtain calls more easily and associate them with a correct destination. Insurance companies, for example, can filter calls not only by caller ID or agent name, but by actual customer policy number, order number and so on. This can also be applied to a variety of use cases, such as police report numbers and case numbers in the legal industry.

Also added to the new software release SP 2.0 will be an imbedded Agent Scoring module with pre-defined questions to score by in different categories such as listening, knowledge and speech quality, which is geared toward the call center application.

However, the newest voice management suite from SIP Print isn’t just for where the company has excelled over the past five years in the SMB market. SIP Print is also expanding its capabilities through strong partnerships with softswitch vendors to catapult its solution into the carrier and enterprise market.

“Most companies don’t go this far with regards to integrated solutions within a call recording application and still remain price sensitive. We have always kept in mind the dealers that represent our product and above all, the end user, and thus our product(s) will always meet their price points in an effort to help their businesses.” Palmer said. “SIP Print, over the past five years, has provided a quality product at a quality price for the SMB market and it has worked, and we have now made our product more in line feature-wise with the so-called big guys, without changing our pricing model. We will continue to strive to add even more enhancements for our customers and even more integrated solutions making our product a must-have in every business application.”

Under the leadership of Drew, Palmer and VP of Sales Worldwide, Nancy Griffith, SIP Print is introducing these capabilities to help SMBs, enterprises and carrier providers take their call recording needs to a whole new level and in turn, improve their business productivity, efficiency and overall business success. SP 2.0 is available Sept. 1, 2013.

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