Call Recording for MetaSwitch

The only call recording solution from an approved Mosaic partner*

SIP Print Inc. provides the award winning Call Recording Solution that delivers a multi-tenant implementation for service providers utilizing Metaswitch platforms that offer hosted telephony services. SIP Print allows service providers to deploy SIP Print call recording in a variety of

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ways. It can be deployed as a service, hosted in the NOC or as a CPE Solution. In addition, SIP Print Call recording can be delivered as a software solution or as a hardware appliance. All the options integrate seamlessly with Metaswitch and can add profitable mission-critical call recording functionality to a service offering. SIP Print solutions integrate with Metaswitch via port-mirroring, allowing recording 1,000s of concurrent calls per instance, providing the ultimate recording solution for Metaswitch customers. Service Providers using Metaswitch platforms benefit from fully-functional, reliable call recording solutions either via Software or Hardware deployments at the industry’s most competitive pricing with the ease-of-use that is the hallmark of SIP Print products.

Fully SIP-compliant: The easy add-on to every hosted voice environment that drives additional revenue.

Multiple deployment options to meet your requirements

  • Hosted in your NOC
  • Delivered as a CPE solution

Multiple purchase options

  • CAPEX: Purchase software licenses outright with an annual maintenance fee
  • OPEX: Pay a minimal monthly fee per session for maximum flexibility

True Multi-Tenant Solution

  • Designed from the ground up to enable a carrier to serve multiple customers from a single implementation
  • Customers can never see or affect any other customer’s data or performance
  • Customer Interface private Labeled as your brand

SIP PRINT HOSTED enables an ITSP or CLEC to virtualize call recording across their entire customer base with a quick-to-install and simple-to-operate call recording service solution. The solution can be purchased outright and users licensed on a periodic basis, or the entire environment can be rolled into a subscription fee. CALL RECORDING / PLAYBACK FEATURES

  • Call recording in standard .WAV format
  • Call playback on standard media players
    • Windows Media Player
    • Adobe Media Player
    • Apple QuickTime
  • Search by User Name
  • Search by Area Code and Prefix
  • Extension and Name lookup
  • Caller ID
  • Fast Forward and Rewind
  • Time and Date stamping
  • Email-ready call file formats
  • Multiple manager access
  • Remote access & remote administration
  • Archive and audit trail
  • Column sort (on the fly)
  • Web-based GUI (supported on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari & Chrome)

* Pending