SIP Print Labs

SIP Print Labs is a program created to provide custom call recording products and services for leading hosted and Co-Lo VoIP providers based upon their suite of call recording systems. The SIP Print Labs Customization program ensures reliability and high performance for SIP call recording in these environments.

SIP Print Labs customization program is a multi-faceted effort by SIP Print to work together with IP-PBX hosting and Co-Lo vendors, customers, and channel partners to customize performance for call recording applications on hosted and Co-Lo based SIP soft switches and SIP phone systems. This collaborative initiative will provide for a call recording ecosystem upon which industry participants can rely for verified working solutions. Based on early demand for this new effort, hosted and Co-Lo IP-PBX vendors and end-users alike recognize the increasing importance of SIP Print Labs’ customizations particular to their environment. The customization program enables vendors to differentiate in their industry space and brings exceptionally strong value and peace-of-mind to end-users with mission critical call recording applications.

Now with SIP Print Labs Customization Program, all Hosted and Co-Lo VoIP vendors can offer their customers Pure SIP Call Recording customized to their needs.

To learn more about the SIP Print Labs Customization program please contact us at +1 866.655.3555 x105.

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