Regulatory compliance has different implications in different sectors. Whichever sector you operate in, SIP Print can provide expertise and compliance recording solutions to help you work within the appropriate framework or adhere to a voice recording policy.

Contact Centers frequently take credit- or debit-card payments by phone. They’re responsible for dealing safely with customers’ money and card details, and so must meet standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

For companies in financial markets, broking or retail banking, compliance is more stringent: they require total recording of all communications to adhere to regional and global regulations SEC (USA), Basel and MiFID (Europe), FSA (UK), JSOX (Japan), and so on.

The emergency services sector must meet a range of national call handling standards. This is in addition to the need for total recording to support day-to-day operations and provide raw material for evidence gathering and investigation.

For all these organizations, regulatory recording (which may extend to mobile phones and other electronic devices), provides a strong business foundation. It gives reassurance that processes are followed correctly through staff training and quality management. Equally, it protects organizations reputations and, in the commercial arena, balance sheets against disputes or fraud.

SIP Print compliance solutions provide:

  • Complete compliance with business continuity and resilience requirements scalable N+1 and Primary/Secondary (1+1)
  • 99.999% availability (uptime)
  • Full integration and compliance with all telephony and VoIP standards
  • The ability to minimize liability and adhere to regulations and guidelines with automated retention rules

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