Insurance Industry Compliance

Risk is at the center of the insurance industry. Insurance companies must measure and manage risk with each policy they underwrite. With risk being integral to insurance operations, the most successful companies and agents are those that limit the problems of risk in other areas of their work.

Compliance with both state and federal regulations is an area where insurance companies must take no chances. SIP Print call recording solutions guarantee that each call is recorded and provides encrypted storage for all call data. Confidential information is safeguarded because managers can use the SIP Print software to restrict administrative access to the call files.

Insurance companies must train agents to communicate effectively with customers. SIP Print provides a reliable way of auditing agent compliance with regulations as well as with company directives for customer service. SIP Print enables supervisors to share effective call examples during training and to monitor calls in real time. Training and judicious monitoring of calls can mitigate the risks of wrong information being distributed and can help provide greater customer satisfaction. SIP Print software features assist supervisors with call analysis and reporting responsibilities. The software also enables supervisors to group individual agents as work needs dictate.

SIP Print solutions helps expedite agents daily tasks, thus facilitating claims management. Agents can use the SIP Print Agent Scoring software to search and replay calls that contain recorded statements, conversations concerning billings and payments, and discussions about coverage options and exclusions.

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