SIP Print Performance Manager for Call Quality Assurance

Easily Score, Tag and Set Goals Online The SIP Print Performance Manager is the smarter call for call centers and enterprises that demand measurable results from a call scoring and call quality assurance tool. With call scoring, tagging, and goal setting, call recordings can optimize sales, customer service, and overall telephone performance.

Call Scoring

Call Scoring is an add-on feature that can be activated by contacting you sales representative and obtaining a license key. If the appropriate License Key is installed, permission to assign this feature can be made available to Admins and Supervisors and Department Heads.

How Call Scoring Works

Call scoring is simply a way for a Supervisor to “grade” or “score” a single call fielded by an Agent in their group. A set of review questions can be dynamically entered by an Admin and assigned a unique name.
The Quizzes are stored by Group Name. If you would like to create multiple quizzes for a the same group, make up group names with quiz names after the group names.

Below is an example of a scoring quiz.

If the Call ID is Bold Black, the call can be graded. Click on the black call ID.

This interview pops up.

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